Circuit Python all the things!

A project log for Mini Automat: machines for music

Use the real world as your instrument with our robotic MIDI music machine. Beautiful product design, plug & play UX, fully hackable.

Helen LeighHelen Leigh 08/25/2019 at 20:180 Comments

I went to Teardown in Portland and took the prototype of the Automat Mini with me to test on other hackers. I was really hoping to get some advice on making it as hackable as possible on as many platforms as possible. I got loads of great tips from people at the conference but the best advice came from Scott Shawcroft (Adafruit). He gave me some amazing advice on redesigning the board so it would support Circuit Python as well as Arduino. 

The Arduino compatibility is already working well but we also wanted to be able to make it work with Circuit Python. I'm a fan of CP - not only is it a high profile language in the market we're going for, but in my opinion it's the best text-based beginner language out there right now. 

Scott showed me and (my husband) Drew how to get CP working on the existing board, but then we spoke about some ideas for board revisions that would make it even better, for example swapping out the SAMD21 for a SAMD51 and adding in an SPI flash.