Mini Automat WIP was covered by Hackster!

A project log for Mini Automat: machines for music

Use the real world as your instrument with our robotic MIDI music machine. Beautiful product design, plug & play UX, fully hackable.

Helen LeighHelen Leigh 09/05/2019 at 18:160 Comments

Pretty cool - we just noticed that Hackster wrote up our project! Here's a snippet of what they wrote....

"You’ve probably heard people joke that all modern DJs have to do is push the “play” button on a laptop. In most cases, that’s not true — DJs are mixing and creating the music in real-time. But even when it is true, they still put the effort into composing the music at some point. People simply get frustrated because they want to see a performance and not just listen to a recording. One way to achieve that is with visually and auditorily interesting robotic music, and the Dadamachines Automat Toolkit was designed to make that easy."

Check out the full article by clicking here <3