Mechanical design (part 1)

A project log for Build your own TurtleBot 3 backbone

Implement the fantastic robotic packages offered by the TurtleBot3 robot on a budget without sacrificing features and performances.

matopmatop 08/27/2019 at 21:560 Comments

Overall structure

Building a complete robotic frame is an interesting challenge but could be really time consuming. In order to focus on project's goals, I decided to use TurtleBot3 plates which present many advantages: numerous holes offer good modularity and molded plastic used present a higher stiffness than most 3D printer materials.

Motor holder

Motor holder are composed of two parts that tighten motor with 4 screws like a vises. Motors are soft mounted to prevent vibrations that cause noise.

IMU holder

This cube will be used for algorithm tuning and calibration methods development, some holes with M2.5 inserts allow to fix it on the TB3 plates. As explain in a previous log, IMU is soft mounted with "thick tape".

Here is also an overview of the Arduino Due with its proto board.

Caster ball

Not really a ball, but should do the job.