Time for Rev 2, Sticking to the project goal

A project log for Simple Lithium-ion

complete all-in-one solution for using lithium-ion batteries on perfboard

Matthew James BellafaireMatthew James Bellafaire 09/26/2019 at 02:270 Comments

When I took on this project it was primarily an effort to create a low-cost battery management system that could be used in my own projects. I think that it may have become a bit more than that, I'm finding some interest from people I know for this as a product. With that said the first revision wasn't too great. It had a few minor issues that didn't really cause any problems overall. However, the original Rev 1 boards costed close to $4 to produce, which is far from the goal of this project. To fix this, I present the Rev 2: 

It's not too much to look at, really. However this board (in component costs) comes in at a mere $0.75 All of the components on this board are sourced directly from Chinese manufacturers. Additionally the Rev 2 board is also smaller and carries a proper over-current protection IC set to trip at a battery current (not output current) of 3A. With that said, the board could still use some work, there's a lot of wasted space on the PCB that could reasonably be filled if I put more time into the layout. For the moment my main concern is with having working prototypes to test thoroughly. For now I have a batch of 20 boards on order along with all the required components to assemble them. 

I'm choosing not to share the schematic just yet, since I'm unsure at the moment whether or not I will try to sell these boards. See you in the next log!