Linkibox first prototype

A project log for Linki

Linki is an open standard for physical medium of digital content. Linki players are open hardware devices to make use of the linkies.

Timo TootsTimo Toots 08/23/2019 at 08:070 Comments

Linki project has been ongoing research project since 2016. I wanted to create a physical audio player for my daughter's first birthday that would not have a screen and be fun for her. It turned out so well that I wanted similar player for my own favorite internet radio streams (at WFMU radio station). In the beginning I used old floppies to hide NFC tags and write or draw on them. Floppies are great as the physical size is small enough to be portable and big enough to fit an artwork. Later I understood that it could be made of anything and the plywood and cardboard linkies were made.

This project is about home-grown playful media format that could use the powers of the internet. It could be used for also making new content.

It used Adafruit sound trigger board and Arduino for sound playing.