➢Step descriptions:

✦Step 1:-Prepare a bluetooth audio receiver.

✦Step 2:-Open the cabinet, and it is the receiver circuit board.

✦Step 3:-Now we need D882 transistor.

✦Step 4:-Transistor emitter on negative pin.

✦Step 5:-Connect a wire on L+R audio, output to transistor base.

✦Step 6:-Now add two wires for led strip on positive and on transistor collector pin

✦Step 7:-Now time to close the cabinet.

✦Step 8:-Make a hole for 2 wires.

✦Step 9:-Prepare 4v leds or led strip.

✦Step 10:-Solder the wire on led strip.

✦Step 11:-Now let’s test it. We can use a power bank, mobile charger or 5v power adapter to power it.

✦Step 12:-Connect the bluetooth to your phone and play a song.

✦Step 13:-The LED will shine with the rhythm of the song.

Product list:

『D882』 view more ⇒https://www.utsource.net/sch/D882

『LED』 view more ⇒https://www.utsource.net/category/led-lighting-1.html

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