The Ifs - Coding: it´s child’s play! [Making-Off]

The Ifs are educational toys that teach girls and
boys how to code from the age of three.

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The first educational toy to teach coding without the need to know how to read.

The Ifs is a family of robots with sensors through different color pieces that are placed on their heads. The different color pieces are instructions that are combined as if it were a code, from being able to light them when it's dark to making them communicate with each other.

This allows kids to play with loops, statements, algorithms while also inventing their own stories. Their imagination is the only limit.

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On this page you can find a making-off of our project The Ifs.

  • 1 × Arduino 328 Main microcontroller of the toy
  • 1 × Temperature sensor
  • 1 × LDR Resistor Networks / Thick Film Networks
  • 1 × Accelerometer
  • 1 × Humidity sensor

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