CAD for V2 top layers

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New spin on the laser blocking musical instrument

Jonathan BumsteadJonathan Bumstead 09/29/2019 at 06:090 Comments

I finalized the design for the kinematic laser mounts, and now I am designing the top layers of version 2. Aside from these mounts, there were a few things I wanted to improve: 

  1. Hide the wires down the side of the device
  2. Hide the bolts for adjusting the kinematic mount
  3. Decrease the curvature of the plastic diffuser for the photoresistors because it is difficult to fit them into the current mount

Here is how these components look in the first version:

The following screenshots show how version 2 overcomes these shortcomings. 

With the cover on:

And with the cover off. You can see the wires running down through the hole. 

Version 2 CAD design for the top of the system: