Initial Upload - Changing to KiCad

A project log for Customizable 20W Amplifier

4 Input, 3 Way Tone Control and Customizable LCD Display

smartroadsmartroad 08/18/2019 at 15:590 Comments

This is the initial upload of all the files for making the amplifier. I recently made the transition from Eagle (which I made the prototypes on) to KiCad so currently the only circuit and PCB available is the main IO and tone board. Over the next week or so I will add in the circuits and PCBs for the Arduino controller and the input buttons. Please be aware: at the current time I have not had these KiCad version made so while they should work there may well be error's creeping in.

I think I have included everything in the zip file. There are the 3D files for printing. I have included the STL files and some UNTESTED 3MF files for my new Prusa MK3S. The photos you see in the main listing are from my old printer. This is a long print but I think it looks great. Also included are 2 SVG files for the front and rear panels. I had these printed on vinyl (the green lcd picture) and I think they look great, although the blue lcd shows it printed on sticky paper which works just as well. For the feet I used 12x5mm rubber feet.

The Arduino program in included as well, there are several support libraries needed to go along with the main program. I wrote a small manual on using the amp, assuming that you use the same case as I have of course! At the back it lists the libraries that are needed (I think they are all installable from the Arduino library manager).

I hope to maybe sell these as a kit, would that be of interest to anyone? The main chip is the only SMT part, it is easy to solder with some extra flux but I would offer to solder it first for the kit.

Please have a look, I welcome any constructive feedback!