A project log for Clipper - A Clip on Tuner for Musical Instruments

Minimalist LED strobe style clip on instrument tuner using a SAM D11C and a piezo sensor with LED readout.

rrace001rrace001 08/20/2019 at 22:090 Comments

PCB from OSHPARK ready to be populated.  Used Eagle Cad for the design which is still free for small boards.  Added github link for the project files to the page.  A good place to learn Eagle Cad is from Adafruit and Sparkfun.  

I am currently porting some of my older code to the SAM D11C.  The SAM D21 peripheral structs are just about the same but the SAM D51 are not so a little difficulty there.  I am using mattairtech's 4k boot loader and a blank Arduino sketch uploads to be about 8k leaving only 4k to work with.  My initialization code for the timers and ADC are almost that much and that is only for the strobe.  I am going to have to cut a lot out.  If necessary then I will eliminate the boot loader to see if I can fit it all.  Time will tell...