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A project log for ADG2128 Breakout

A breakout board for Analog Devices' 8x12 analog cross-point switch

J. Ian LindsayJ. Ian Lindsay 12/05/2019 at 22:010 Comments

A few intrepid customers keep cleaning me out of my stock of these boards. You know who you are, and thank you. :-)

In an effort to stay ahead of demand, my next restock will be for six boards, but I'll have more PCBs on-hand. That should happen a bit before Christmas. Please know that I pay attention to waitlists. So if I'm ever out of stock on anything, and you add yourself to the waitlist, I will typically have you served within 3-weeks at the outside. Sometimes faster.

I made some small changes the boards to make manufacturing them easier. So the layouts will change slightly starting with this run, but the schematic/pinouts/drivers are unaffected. But the change will make pick-and-place easier and reduce attrition if/when I send this out for mass production.

I really like OSHPark's new "After Dark" offering. So this next batch will have that as an option on Tindie.

Documentation and bug fixes

Lots of small bug fixes and improvements have been bleeding into the drivers over the past few days. So now is a good time to re-pull those. The README has also been updated with discourse on driver features.