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A project log for The cargo1

A container for a Riese & Müller packster 80 that can be detached and used as a rolling suitcase

ØysteinØystein 04/17/2020 at 10:280 Comments

Quite a bit has happened since last update and I have gotten alot done. Last time I showed you all the locking mechanism working. Now I have made a prototype of the handle on the other side that is going to actuate it.

So The whole thing is going to be milled out of aluminum in 5 pieces.  The mechanism work via a cam that pulls a gear wire that is fed in form the bottom of the box. The two long screws on the top will fit into existing threaded holes in the frame of the bike.

I took many iterations to tweak it to my liking. First a system based on a second class lever but that did not work out. Then I did a bunch of versions of the cam based system. Now I have a prototype that works like this:

Quite satisfied with the mechanism now. Next thing is to mill the parts in aluminum. My plan is to start with this today. More content soon!