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A project log for Trackball PC

Building a computer into a rather sizable trackball...

StarhawkStarhawk 08/25/2019 at 19:530 Comments

Power intake socket mounted.

Power distribution wiring harness complete.

USB hub attached to harness and mounted.

Motherboard mounting plate attached.

PS/2 Converter mounted.

Power switch mounted and partially wired.

What's left?

I'm waiting for my iron to cool so I can swap tips -- I have a super tiny tip that I'm going to use to tack down the power switch wires. I don't want to screw up another motherboard, they're expensive and getting hard to find (cuz they're also an older model).

Then it's a matter of mounting the heatsink and mobo, and cutting holes for the audio and LCD cables, and mounting the screen -- yes, I decided to attach the screen from Scrappy to this monstrosity -- because, hey, why not...

A picture of the delightful mess RN...