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ESP8266 based smart power switch/dimmer with Kill-A-Watt class power/power factor readings

Justin KennyJustin Kenny 10/28/2016 at 19:460 Comments

Just a quick note, did some reading on Triacs last night from this ST micro app note:

Determined that with a BTA16-600CW3G Triac, I can run it at up to around 10A with 38mm heatsink (4.4C/W at 35C ambient). I bought some 34mm TO-220 heatsinks from eBay, I'll do some experiments to see if it can handle the ~10W load that the Triac will dissipate at 10A. May need to drop from 1200W power control down to 1000W if not.

Looks like the relay will be this part:

$2.02 for single unit price, can handle 250V/16A (4000VA switching), and has a similar sized footprint as the Songle 10A cheapo relay that I was initially planning.