First three sales!

A project log for Psychedelic Mica Wave-Plate Camera Filter

A camera filter which can transform reflections, pure white light, displays, etc. into a rainbow effect, leaving everything else normal!

David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 11/22/2019 at 18:130 Comments

Thanks to three awesome people I've sold my initial production batch.

Right now I've ordered enough material to make five more but I'm considering ordering more because of the holiday season. I have a remaining model that has some V2 mica in it that I'm going to use as my test piece for a while (until someone buys it.) but I listed it on Tindie.

The Instagram account has been driving most traffic it seems, I should update this project page more often with photos!

The only design change that I've made is buying some off the shelf gaskets instead of cutting out my own rigid spacers. I think these gaskets are easier on the lens and will work better in general, plus its nice to just be able to buy them. Three go into each assembly and twenty-five sell for about $15.

Panoramas are surprisingly hard.

Definitely worth it though!

Next step is to design my own filter housings and get a price quote, if I can make an assembly for less than say... $18 at one hundred units, then I'll probably try to go for it. Worst case scenario I can sell empty filter housing to the guy I've been buying from. I need to figure out thread pitches and true dimensions.