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A Z80 laptop

Kyle IsomKyle Isom 10/11/2019 at 04:420 Comments

I've been unemployed since late last month (intentionally so), and I don't start working again until the 4th. That means my funds are limited to order PCBs, so I won't be ordering new boards until the middle of November, most likely. I've got the latest revision of AEPROs incoming, so given that I have an RC2014 backplane for the KZ80 and a serial I/O card, I can at least start working on a serial interface and initial monitor.

On the plus side, this gives me time to think through the interface parts, and work towards a design that will fit in the case.

I'd also like to sort out the power board, and perhaps add some LiPo charging to it. That's sort of a passive, background task for now.