New SLA 3D Printed Toolhead

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Dominik MeffertDominik Meffert 10/29/2019 at 04:370 Comments

My new Elegoo Mars

In the last weeks I've tried to design a 3D printed toolhead to get the size and complexity down and here is my latest (successful) test:

2 Printheads (The SLA parts in the picture were not cured and so they bend at the sides I think when they are cured they should no longer bend that much)

Inner channels to prevent the buildup of air in the ink chamber

Features of the new toolhead:

- Dupont Connectors

- Smaller Size 30*50*8mm

- Nozzle to Nozzle Distance 8mm

- Extendable (You can stack as many as you want)

- No more venting (No build up of air in the ink chamber because in and output are at the top)

- Only One Ink Connection (The ink flows from one printhead to the next and venting is no longer needed)

The only problem that remains is controlling the pressure...

I've ordered pressure sensors for further testing.