Configuring the 10hz GPS Receivers

A project log for GPS Receiver Configuration and Comparison

Various GPS receivers from different centuries can have varying localization quality. I set out to understand the differences.

timo-birnscheinTimo Birnschein 09/03/2019 at 03:470 Comments

Two of these receivers are pretty bloody cool: They can run at 10hz which makes drones a lot more stable and specifically in GPS mode a lot more accurate to control.

I used a couple of different softwares to monitor and configure them. 

The goal is to run them at 115200 baud and at 10hz update rate.

In order to configure PMTK receivers, I ran Mini GPS Tool 1.4, 

Went to the Setup tab and selected the baud rate:

Please note, the Fix Update Rate can only be set up to 5 hz using this software. Not sure why, it makes no sense. However, using hterm, the command for 10 hz can be sent manually:


Please note also, I added CR+LF under "Send on enter". That will fire the command and the receiver starts sending with 10 hz update rate!

Power cycle brings it back to its standard settings: 9600 baud at 1hz.