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A project log for Kobold K2 - RISC TTL Computer

A 16 bit RISC computer with video display, from just a few TTL and memory chips. Online C compiler and simulator available.

roelhroelh 12/08/2019 at 19:130 Comments

The online assembler can now also simulate the Kobold K2 !

The picture shows the panel with the source code, and the panel with the assembled code, and the first line highlighted (click for bigger version).

You can run and singlestep. An integrated tiny disassembler shows the EA (effective address), the value at the effective address (or the immediate value VAL) just before executing the instruction.

At the lower left, you see the highlighted instruction with opcode 0x6540 in the IR (instruction register), the effective address is 0x0042, and at that address is the value 0x0048. It also says that it will MOV that value to register D1.

There is a new online instruction manual that shows all instructions and the addressing modes that are valid for them. When you activate the manual, it pops up at the side of the screen so you can still see and edit your program.

And of course, there is a window that shows the text output of the simulation:

Try it all LIVE, now near to you at Kobold K2 Assembler/Simulator !

A free beer if you are the first to write a K2 program that generates primes !