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A project log for ePaper clock

Compact low power epaper clock using a msp430

Waldo WolmaransWaldo Wolmarans 09/26/2019 at 15:140 Comments

disclaimer. I did this  write-up of the planning after the project was done. But this was more or less the steps I did follow .

Get familiar with the e-paper displays

Using the Universal e-Paper Raw Panel Driver HAT from Waveshare and a teensy 3.2  or a Arduino. Get the examples working.

Modify existing code

Modify code to test refreshing and partial updating still using teensy 3.2

TI LaunchPad 

Move to breadboard

Wire everything on a breadboard and test.

Flash chip 

Desktop App for uploading data

Create a simple C# forms app to upload images to the flash chip using a teensy

Code revision 1

Modify e-paper code to read flash data to the screen.  Sleep for a minute and update screen.

Power testing

Use a CR2032 and check if display and code still work.  Connect an amp meter and check power usage 

Design circuit-board in eagle cad.

Using the design from the breadboard and the schematics from waveshare for the e-paper driver . The board must be smaller then the screen. Use SMD components 0402 / 0603. 

Send board design to get manufacture 

Seeed, PCBway or JLPCB have good specials

Order parts

Digikey is your friend

Code revision 2

Modify code closer to a clock. Hours to the left minutes to the right.

SMD soldering.

I am a newbie in this but not scared to learn

3D print a frame

Design a frame . Will start using an online site like tinker cad.