First Quick Flight

A project log for F450 Drone Kit with ESP

This is an esp-idf project in progress with an ESP32 flight controller/receiver and esp8266 D1 mini transmitter 10/10/2019 at 21:450 Comments

---------------Log 10-10-19------------------

Had a nice hover for a little while outside today. Daughter finished up soldering last night. During some preliminary tests we discovered that out propellers were all on the wrong shafts - who would have figured the 'R' numbered propellers would be on the clockwise rotation motors? We did the esc calibration on the cleanflight motors tab and then spun up the motors with the props a bit to see what would happen - we had the unit pretty well tied down but it was obvious that any sort of controlled flight would not be possible in that mode.

Today it took us a while a while to figure out how to arm the quadcopter, partly because we didn't know it had to be done. We tried some initial lift offs and it was worse than direct motor control! Shortly figured out that we hadn't thought about orientation of flight controller board mounting relative to front. After we got this taken care of next test flight had it jump up and hover pretty well.