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A project log for Portable Espresso machine

Final year project for Uni.

Yunseong HongYunseong Hong 02/22/2020 at 15:300 Comments

This project is always open to your feedback.

Please provide me you ideas:)

22th Feb. 2020

My new design is making a portable espresso machine.

Firstly, I am going to put all the components into briefcase even using the original housing.

Then, replace the original housing into 3d printed parts to make it open source hardware.

I will comeback so with more progression.

20th Feb. 2020

Hi, came back from exam period and started working on the project again. 

There are IMPORTANT updates of my project.

The original plan for my project was making my own design of outer frame and then reverse engineering the control system with Arduino.

However, due to  the University regulation it was impossible to modify the control system and then put it into the individual designed housing.

So. now my plan is to focus on the housing design with using the original control system.