Up and Running (Mk I)

A project log for Aqua328 flexible aquarium controller

A flexible and adaptable controller for Aquariums or other stuff based on the ATMega328P

OwenOwen 03/06/2020 at 14:440 Comments

So; V1.0 is running on the Aquarium, the LED strips (ones sold as Aquarium strips, very dense LED's) give an excellent light. 

Temperature (only water, at present) is displayed/updated by a once per second loop, the lights run up or down following a button press ; no clock, this aquarium is attended all day. 

There are four strips, two are RGB, one bright white and one warm white. The Green and White channels are bonded together, the Red and Blue are independent. During fade-up and Fade down the Red channel runs first, then the Green/White and finally the Blue. The whole process takes half an hour or so. The LCD shows the light and cycle status.

There is internal ducting in place for a fan/ventilator system, but the fan itself needs fitting, the case needs securing and then some Software work is needed to implement fan cycling, light auto-off, maintenance mode and lid alarms.

The Audio circuit needs a re-work, there is a speaker in place in the case but the driver for it is overloaded (gets VERY hot) so it is currently disconnected while I breadboard up and then implement a solution.