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A project log for Not Quite Useless Raspberry Pi Replacement

Make a Raspberry Pi replacement using a Cypress Semiconductor Programmable System on a Chip (PSOC 5) 10/18/2019 at 01:520 Comments

Now that I have C arrays with the card EEPROM files and a short menu (command line interface) running over the USB port I can proceed to get the EEPROM read/write working.

I've got two functions now: 

The readEEPROM( ) function reads the contents of the EEPROM. The function dumpEEPROM( ) provides a dump of the memory. The third function we need is: 

PSoC Utilization

The PSoC utilization is:

Flash used: 18696 of 131072 bytes (14.3%).
SRAM used: 2805 of 32768 bytes (8.6%). Stack: 2048 bytes. Heap: 128 bytes.

The logic utilization is practically nll.