Planning the layout

A project log for Super Micro Relay Computer

Going back almost 200 years, to what could have been the very early beginning of electronic computing!

stefanoStefano 10/28/2019 at 20:080 Comments

The frame start to get populated:

50 might be a little number of relays but surely is already providing quite an intricate mess of wires and a lot of headaches if not properly planned (and even if properly planned): at least let's try to manage at best!

Following a bit more detailed overall schema of the PC (more details of the various circuits will come in later posts):

And below a tentative to put some order between units in the frame:

As of last image a drawing guide for the wiring of the first bit of the ALU (the famous "no dollars" one of @roelh):

(the full layout of the MY4NJ can be found in first project log)