Prototype A - single key test

A project log for TonnetzOne - Isomorphic Midi Keyboard

An isomorphic midi keyboard using the Tonnetz layout

RedgeneralRedgeneral 11/15/2019 at 16:180 Comments


Identical PCBs:

The Mitosis Keyboard aimed to reduce costs by using PCBs that could be used for multiple roles, such as the MX plate and MX PCB mount. Sections could be broken off to turn the PCB into a plate.

[Image source: Mitosis Keyboard - ]

When a PCB design is ordered, often it is produced in sets of 5 copies. Costs could be reduced if the same PCB design could be used for each layer (EVQQ2 layer, MX layer, and Plate).

Unfortunately when I received the PCB, I was unable to remove the breakaway sections and so had to dremel them out.

In the end, although feasible, it would be very difficult to design for.

PCB render:

Note: diodes are the wrong way round on the design (oops), but have been soldered correctly instead.


[Photos of assembled prototype to be added later]