[UPDATE] Have released the codes, gerber files, etc.

A project log for SHIHEN

SHIHEN is a device which colors your everyday (a bit). Have a glimpse of your favorite poems, quotes or scenes of a movie.

likeabloblikeablob 10/20/2019 at 08:240 Comments

I've finally uploaded the source code, KiCad project files and OpenSCAD model file to a GitHub repo.

Here is the directory structure:

Also the source code of the SHIHEN Web UI  ( is available on another repository:

The site is mainly based on Nuxt.js and Vuetify framework.  And thanks to modern browsers, HTML5 and NPM ecosystem, all the work (e.g. Extracting video frames as images. Dithering images. Generating embedded-friendly binary blobs) is done in the frontend.

In other words, here Zeit Now is used as just a static hosting.

Hand soldering 0.5mm pitched connectors feels like, ... Zen.