The GearsNGenes ADS1115 FeatherWing

A device to enable more fun and experiments in circuit analysis

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This device adapts the Adafruit Industries' ADS1115 IC to the Feather form factor. The purpose of this device is the same as its predecessors: to convert analog voltage into a digital signal (called an AD Converter or ADC). In addition to converting between the type of signal, this FeatherWing can amplify the magnitude of the voltage it reads, as well.

Predominantly, I have used this FeatherWing to develop my own device that I have called the E.M.F. Meter, an educational tool that can be used to perform hands-on experiments in circuit analysis or in electromagnetism.

Ultimately, the goal of this FeatherWing is to assist in building complex circuits with little to no soldering. In a world where technology is being built around the feather, it is important that the shape and connectivity of the hardware match. Thus, I built a shield that matches the shape of the Feather so that it is easy to integrate into larger circuits.

EMF_Meter Shield.sch

This is the EAGLE Schematic for the ADS1115 FeatherWIng

sch - 135.67 kB - 11/16/2019 at 01:21


EMF_Meter Shield.brd

This is the EAGLE board file for the ADS1115 Featherwing.

brd - 56.60 kB - 11/16/2019 at 01:20


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