Log #2: Sofware and pump update

A project log for Microwth - automated microgreen farm

Microwth enables you to grow your own soilless microgreens indoors to add to your meals

brambram 11/16/2019 at 19:120 Comments

Software changes

Centered time

The software now includes a setup to start a growth, this settings goes through the lighting and pump settings. I couldn't quite decide which settings would be best for the pump so I've implemented an interval timer that turns the pump on for a set amount of time.

This new code version (available on Github) has been cleaned up and the interface is easier to use due to a less nested interface. I've also centered all the text on the display.

Next up will be adding the pump output over I2C and adding labels in the grow setup.

Pump and barb

3D printed tee barb

I have ordered some tee barbs to split the pump output to all the trays, but since these aren't in yet I will be using a 3D printed barb it's a bit leaky but that's something some epoxy will fix :) I am also waiting the the PCA9536 but I expect these sooner then the barbs so I will just be waiting on them. In the meantime I've been testing the pump to see what happens when you split the pump output. The first results show a 25% difference between the two output, this is pretty significant so I will try using a barb design more like the ones I've ordered to see if that makes any difference.