Log #6 development update

A project log for Microwth - automated microgreen farm

Microwth enables you to grow your own soilless microgreens indoors to add to your meals

brambram 12/22/2019 at 16:380 Comments

I received another pair of lights recently and installed them in one of the test devices, I will be testing it with some microgreens after I've installed a camera to track the growth. Another thing I am currently working on is a vacuum former to make custom trays for different plants, I would like to make some Microwth's with different heights to grow leafy greens and herbs.

The first results from the vacuum forming look promising, but I still need to settle on a design to vacuum form. I wanted to create a tray design with a flat lid to make it easier to create new ones for different growing mediums/techniques. However it seems like this won't be the easiest to vacuum form, I will be updating the design to see if the results will improve.