Sun Tracker 2 Revision 4 - Assembly

A project log for SunTracker 2 Revision 4

A self-orienting dual-axis, scheduled, Arduino-based solar tracker model prototype

FrankFrank 11/17/2019 at 12:310 Comments

Connecting the displayboard with the mainboard:

Booting up and running the displayboard "init" sequence verified the hardware to be OK. No missing trace, and no LED inserted the wrong way around. Next, a check for the maximum power draw. With "all lights on", the system draws up to 320mA. This is quite a lot, but considering the amount of peripherals, it could be much worse than the measured 1 Watt. Normal operations uses about 140mA in this raw, unoptimized form.

Building up a frame follows the proven design of revision 3, with the added design twist of the rounded top. Visible also the cable guide cutout for powering the second axis stepper motor, which will be responsible for Zenith angle alignment.

The total footprint is 200mmx280mm, and fits on a A4 sheet.