Initial submission

A project log for LoRaWAN Feather

An Adafruit-compatible, LoRaWAN-compatible board.

AndyAndy 11/18/2019 at 05:350 Comments

Things done to date:

  1. Schematic capture and PCB layout
  2. DFM
  3. GitHub hardware repo setup
  4. Project submitted to Contest
  5. PCB's ordered

PCB's were ordered today.  Should be around a week or so.  This is my first live experience with JLC's SMT service.  I've put together a couple test boards that I never had sent off, so I will see how this goes.  There are a couple components that JLC does not have for the board.  Most of them I have on hand, but a few I will have to order and solder on when I get the PCB's

I need now, to switch focus and get the LoRaMac-node firmware running on these.  I've gotten it running on NucleoL073 with SX1262 MBed shield, so this shouldn't be a tough putt.  Once that is done, I'll include a link to a build-able project that should get anyone started with a LoRaWAN Feather!