A project log for 6809 OS-9 Level-I machine

hacking like it's 1983

kleineseekleinesee 11/22/2019 at 21:010 Comments

I got fed uo of drawing and dug a bit deeper into OS-9 (by books so far)...
Folks, has anybody ever dug OS-9? If so, how comes it just... where was it? Why didn't I ever use any OS-9 computer? It is so brilliant, my mind is totally blown. I didn't know. Why didn't I know, the heck! I'm in love. :-)

What an adventure this 6809 has become! Little did I know. I should have stuck to the 68K, it's so much easier, linear address space is such a relief. :-) 

Boring almost... :-) my side (research, have good books at hand) project is of course still a 68K machine, a simple but reasonable computer is really lesser challenging due to things like linear SRAM. And if one likes it more sophisticated, an ATARI ST or AMIGA is only the beginning...  (Looking forward to sooner or later tackling the 030, maybe finally skipping the 68K)