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A project log for 6809 OS-9 Level-I machine

hacking like it's 1983

kleineseekleinesee 12/04/2019 at 02:400 Comments

Nope. I tried. Nope. I DO understand, convertible file format, open source and so on. But. I didn't like it. Went back to EasyEDA. And learned using ports! :-\ Now, seriously, did I mention I was a (bloody) rooky in schematics drawing? Oh, you've noticed already...


I got the schematics cleaned-up and improved, so they're slowly looking like... schematics. :-) Split up now in several boards, resp. planes, but that's not yet a final design. I mean the layout of the pcb. Still not decided whether to go for an ATX-board or for a proprietary small bus system with multiple boards. At the moment the design shows different boards resp. planes.

I will sooner or later make the schematics publicly accessible, but don't feel like, yet. Here's another preview: