Small steps: Release 2.0 is out with better networking options

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A proper implementation of a ESP32 CAM webserver; based on the Espressif example, but extended for real-world use

OwenOwen 09/21/2020 at 09:310 Comments

I've Just uploaded a quick release, V2.0.

- More networking options; define port number for both the UI and Stream, this addresses several recent questions. Note: The two ports must differ, default is :80 & :81.

- I merged in a couple of small bugfixes from the upstream source project, and incorporated a few comments and trivial fixes of my own.

- Face detection can be enabled by default, the lamp can be pre-set to a value, and the lamp controls can be disabled. Unfortunately the FaceDB does not yet survive reboots .

- Favicons; nice when bookmarking streams etc.

Coming soon: V3

- Simple player view, CSS and html improvements, standalone CSS file.

- Control-less but rotataing and scalable miniplayer on the stream port.


I'm working on this in the master branch on GitHub; it's still a work in progress but you can always download the latest stable version via this link :-)
And please see the GitHub issues list for common questions/troubleshooting.