First testing

A project log for RAD2 (Research Activity Detector version 2)

This motion logging Feather-compatible shield contains a PIR motion sensor, real time clock (RTC), microSD card slot, and 3 signal LEDs

Lex KravitzLex Kravitz 11/23/2019 at 13:560 Comments

We have been testing the latest build of our RAD2 with a Feather-compatible LoRaWAN board from MCCI (the 4610).  This board contains a LoRaWAN radio for streaming data as well as three built-in environmental sensors (temp/humidity, light, and pressure).  All functions appear working!  To recap that's:

  1. PIR motion sensing
  2. RTC set and functioning
  3. Datalogging to microSD card
  4. All 3 signal LEDs lighting up
  5. In addition, because we're using the 4610 we get light, temp, and humidity measurements built in

Here is a ~24 hour sample of temperature data (peaks are me picking up and holding the device):

And some activity data from the PIR (this device was placed on my desk, note when I came in to work at ~9am): 

Stay tuned for some longer datastreams!