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A project log for Teardown ZS-2102-A

As I actually had the chance to use and test this device, i couldn't resist to open it.

TomTom 11/26/2019 at 17:402 Comments

When opening the housing,

there are some eye-catchers: 

The PCB is assembled single sided, probably it is a 4 layer stack-up. 

Using a microscope i was able to read the part numbers of the burnished components. You find a list of the key components in the components list!

The clock output of the device is connected directly to the CPLD pin using a 33 ohm resistor.

From the hardware perspective this devices looks well designed with little discomforts:


Jan wrote 11/27/2019 at 08:13 point

Nice! First thing I looked for was galvanic insulation and thought that maybe U21 was there for that purpose. Then read through it all.

- I think the bad banana plugs are not a "little discomfort". The connection to the outer world should be as reliable as possible with as little resistance as possible... Why cheap out on those parts?! This unit is 600USD!

- Scraping the top of your ICs is just bad. But fortunately they did it like they did their banana jacks :)

- The Kelvin connection of the current sense resistor looks far from how you do it "by the book". Especially those super long traces to the ADC/CSA. Routing would've been possible on the right side too?!

Edit: Please add the designator from the parts on the board when filling your component list. It's much easier for us to see where each part is on the board!

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Tom wrote 11/27/2019 at 11:06 point

Hi Jan :)

U21 is a TVS diode. 

Several things are solved the cheap way and not the more expensive but elegant way.

You can always do things better ... ;)

I added the designators to the component list. 

I just calculated the costs of the key components with about 35€ (30pcs batch).

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