• Hooking to the Net Parental Control script

    AccidentalRebel12/10/2019 at 14:08 0 comments

    I have started integration of my script that handles the actual locking down of the internet to the control panel of my device. I've had this script way before and I am just modifying the code so it can be triggered from the hardware. Just a bit more and I'm almost done with the software part.

  • A more reliable client server communcations

    AccidentalRebel12/09/2019 at 14:34 0 comments

    I have improved the client server code communications as the previous iteration was unreliable.Now, instead of both being connected all the time, the server just waits for the client to connect. There are now also timeouts which are handled at both ends.I am actually not sure if what I did is correct. Socket communcations are new to me. It works reliably though.

  • Structuring around back and forth Serial communication

    AccidentalRebel12/03/2019 at 14:19 0 comments

    It took some time to wrap my head around how to structure my program for back and forth serial communication between my device and my control panel Python script. I'm mostly used to using high level packages that does these kinds of things for me but for this ptlroject I really forced myself to try abd be as low level as possible without relying too much on external libraries. It's mostly for the sake of learning.It's working now. Now the device can request for updated versions of the task list. This way I can edit the task lists from my computer and the device will automatically retrieve them.

  • Program flow complete

    AccidentalRebel12/01/2019 at 15:13 0 comments

    I have recently finished the overall program flow that I want the device to have. The flow goes like this:

    • User finds net is blocked
    • Device is opened
    • Device asks which user to use
    • Device fetches trivia, and asks user for an answer
    • If correct, device fetches unfinished tasks and asks user if each one finished
    • When all are finished, device communicates with control panel and reactivates the internet
    • Device is turned off

    There are still stuff to be done like determining incorrect answers and what will happen if they are chosen. Shouldn't be too difficult.

  • What I have so far

    AccidentalRebel11/26/2019 at 05:39 0 comments

    The different functionalities I have in mind for the project have already been coded and tested in different shapes and form. I did this because I wanted to see first if what I wanted to do was feasible. Luckily, they are.

    What I have so far:

    • Can now connect to local network WiFi
    • Can now display text on the ST7735 LCD screen
    • Can now communicate and send commands to and from the Python script control panel running on my computer(This script handles the integration with my router. I'm using my net parental control script to do this.)
    • Can now accept button inputs using my tried and tested resistor ladder circuit
    • Can now retrieve trivia questions from opentdb.com

    All I need to do now is to combine these all together into a fully functioning system. There are still a lot to do but at least there are now fewer unknowns.