Lighting System_2 : LEDs

A project log for HVAC System for a Plant Growth Chamber

A final year project that aims to design and build an open source plant growth chamber HVAC system and using an Arduino for control.

pharoakpharoak 03/24/2020 at 15:350 Comments

As per the concluding point in Lighting Systems_1 log, the reflective material has been selected ( see Chamber Body_3 : Materials log ). However, the beehive design has been omitted due to its unnecessary complexity but can be adapted in further iterations of the chamber. 

After consulting with Grobotic Systems, it was decided that a more basic design of a lighting system should be adapted. Consisting of only 4 LEDs, 2 Far red 730 nm and 2 Full white light, the lighting system should be sufficient to provide the necessary radiation for plants to grow in. 

Before the events of the COVID-19 outbreak, the lighting system was halted because of the following:

  1. Other open-source chamber manufacturers don't have issues with the design or operation of lighting systems (except with using reflective surfaces)
  2. Other systems such as HVAC has a higher priority to develop and test