Low Power Mode Here we come.

A project log for ES-200 Electric Scooter Unlocker

Our streets are becoming litter with high technology joy. These forgotten scooter must be reverse engineer and given the love they deserve.

Mr. SpriggsMr. Spriggs 12/30/2019 at 01:350 Comments

Ok The Holidays are suck. Oh ya Im not here to bitch. So Ive got an updated ESP32 with bluetooth that can code select any and all known codes. So you can ride along on the fly and switch from granny mode to a whooping 13 mph with flashing headlights and all.  Just need to type in a decimal number from 0-255 on the smartphone of your choosing and test to you hearts content. Im going to put it on Hackaday. For all the cool kids in the know. If you don't read the ten thousand time I put the link in the forum. Still no luck on the speed. I think a more complex solution will be required.  Something along the lines of reprogramming the STM8 in the headstock and adding bluetooth which is cool and a pain in the ass.
   So nexts is a couple of lessons learn. The ESP32 sucks the mA hard. 100 ma running full power. So when compiling use the 80 mhz setting, set the flash to 40 mhz. And if there is a tech savvy soul to be found, kill one of the cores. Ive gotten mine down to about 50-60mA with a low power of 20mA. That not including the draw on the buck convertor. 
  My next goal is to have a low power mode. But that it won't be a problem much longer. The low power needs a way to wake it up to turn on the bluetooth radio. Im trying to decide if it will be a touch pad to wake it up like all the new kids toys or have it wake up every so often and look for a BLE connection. Or even a little mix of the two.
    Also for the nano diehards that want to build something similar to my code. You can use a HM-05 Bluetooth module and the RemoteXY website to make your own forked version. It can work I just don't have the time to do it. It will need a SoftSerial setup for the bluetooth. It should not be much more than a cut and paste job.