A project log for Reaction Wheel Pendulum

A self-balancing inverted pendulum with swing-up capability.

A.M. SmithA.M. Smith 04/10/2020 at 01:180 Comments


Quit with the custom-made slip ring business and bought a couple of <$10 three-wire ones from eBay.

PCBs finally came in from jlcpcb after a long COVID-19 delay:

Soldered all together: 

Designed a mount for a spare piece of PVC pipe. Really didn't want to put too much more effort into the mechanical design as this was supposed to be a control systems project.

To keep the flywheel from flying off, made just the sort of screwy setup I can be counted on for:

Net-zero y-acceleration test (orange light blinks):

Swing-up gumption test (bonus: near loss of life or limb):

Very happy to see that the PLA placeholder wheel was sufficient, not needing to get a metal wheel machined was a load off my plate.


Implementing the PID controller.