Getting the printer and the CISS kit

A project log for Cheap inkjet printing for hackerspace

Taking a thrift shop printer and a cheap Continuous Ink Supply System kit to make a economical inkjet printer for hackerspace use.

cprossucprossu 12/03/2019 at 02:040 Comments

After going through many printers that I could not test at the thrift shops, and after going through many with clogged heads, I found one that worked! This ended up being an Epson Artisan 725. It can do 2 sided prints, print on specialized DVDs/CDs, and is a 6 color system (so hopefully photos will work okay). Before purchasing said printer, I made sure that there was an affordable (and comprehensive) continuous ink supply kit for the printer.

I purchased the printer, purchased the CISS, and now I am deciding how to put them together while documenting the process.

The kit I ordered was under $40, came pre-filled, and also came with extra ink in bottles.