The project beginning, first cuts and placed orders

A project log for High performance dorm room CNC

A (sort of) low cost CNC with broad capabilities and low storage volume

Oscar S.Oscar S. 12/09/2019 at 16:060 Comments

So to start i have received the base plate and cut the side plates on a plasma cutter that i could use for free. 

and here is the base plate for the design. It's a 19x270mm T-slot aluminium extrusion. Usually pretty expensive stuff this, but a friend did me a favor and got it for free for me.

The baseplate as received
A better look at the profile

further, on black friday i ordered as much parts as i could affort at that time to save as much money on this project as i could. The parts were going to be ordered anyway, so why not with 50% off. 

these include:

The design is currently being finalized with pretty much only some tweaks left. I will upload more pictures and renders in the coming few days.