Side plates done!

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Oscar S.Oscar S. 12/14/2019 at 15:500 Comments

So, the side plates are done! My friend did a perfect job, and i will only need to sand the surfaces for aesthetics.

Side plates machined  - front
Y Gantry side plates - back

Secondly, the Leadscrews for the Y-gantry are in! they are okay-ish quality, but the nuts have a completely unacceptable amount of play in them. so i will have to find new ones. Although i had a known good quality nut laying around and that worked perfectly without any noticeable play, so the rods themselves are good (enough, for now at least).  

i will probably throw them in a lathe for finishing sometime next week.

500mm TR6*6 leadscrews - Y gantry
The crappy nut that came with the leadscrew