Cell Phone Battery Brick

A thin battery brick made from just a cell phone battery, on/off switch, charging module, and power supply module.

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This is a nice a simple weekend project that gives you an opportunity to continue learning to solder on small boards. It uses cheap and easy to get a hold of parts to make this a great beginner project fir anyone getting into DIY projects.

This project is built to be a simple introduction to battery systems and a great way to learn or practice your soldering techniques. In the end you also get a wonderfully thin battery brick to keep you phone or other small devices from dying while on the run. Enjoy the project and come back for more that will be posted soon.


Report for the project. If you can not find an answer in the details it is probably in here.

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    Step 1:

    First get all your parts together and turn your soldering iron on with a larger tip but still small enough to stay on the battery terminal as we do not want to melt part of the battery. Smaller tips will transfer heat much slower leading to either cold solder joints or to you heating up the battery. With the tip being on the battery terminal longer the heat will transfer into the battery and may cause problems such as a failure of the battery, battery swelling, and in rare cases the battery bursting. 

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    Step 2:

    We will begin soldering the wires to different components starting with the battery. Remember to tin both the pads of the battery you will be soldering as well as the wire. This will help to ensure good connections between the wire and battery. I will not be saying it for the rest of the project, but you should be tinning each side of the connections as this is just a good practice. We will only be soldering to the + and – terminal of the battery. Make sure you do not get solder on any of the other pads. 

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    Step 3:

    Now, connect the positive terminal wire to the positive B (+B) and the negative battery terminal wire to the negative B (-B) terminal on the charger board. 

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