disassemble and get space

A project log for Squeezelite client - Raspberry Pi Retro Radio

"New technology in the old case" A Raspberry Pi based squeezeelite client for the logitech media server

benjamin-prescherBenjamin Prescher 12/14/2019 at 15:500 Comments

Disassemble and get some space!

First I dared to take a look inside the radio. Compared to today's PCBs, it looks pretty wild here ;) Nevertheless, the redirection of the transmitter adjustment is interesting, even if I won't use it in the future ...

I will also no longer want to use the AC power supply in the future. I put the transformer on my side, maybe I need it for future projects ...
I will shorten the PCB to get some space. It is planned to use only the on / off switch and the potentiometer to adjust the volume.