ModbusBox Introductory Video

General Features.

  • WIFI ready.
  • Modbus RTU /RS485 (2 wires) half duplex.
  • Built-in Modbus library with examples ( Makers version).
  • AP mode allow setup: Modbus registers, WIFI connection and MQTT server.
  • Client mode is the default mode which it get connected to WIFI (internet) .
  • Built-in web server available in AP and Client Mode.
  • Managed by Web GUI.
  • Compact device, robust against interference and ESD discharges.
  • DC input  6-26 Volts.
  • IP 54.
  • Led's indicators.
    • Modbus tx/rx activity.
    • MQTT tx/rx.
    • Multistate pixel led.
      • WIFI connection status.
      • MQTT connection failure.
      • Modbus read failure.

Modbus specs.

  • Functions codes supported.
    • 0x3 :Read multiple 16bit holding registers.
    • 0x4 :Read multiple 16bit input register.
  • 32 bits register and floating points.
    • 32bit data types (integer and float)  uses  contiguous array of  2x16bit registers.
    • Support for IEEE 754 format floating-point.
  • Maximum number of slaves ( model dependent).
    • MB-B1Wxx : Support  1 slave.
    • MB-A4Wxx : Support 4 slaves.

IoT protocol specs.

  • MQTT with TLS Encryption.
  • ModbusBox pack each slave data  in Json Object containing all selected devices registers.
  • ModbusBox also send Json Object with variables indicating its own the operational status, like the ip addresses, SSID which is connected, running time, and SSID strength.

Supported web browsers

  • Google chrome ( Os :Windows,  Android, Ubuntu, iOS).
  • Safari ( Os : iOs).
  • Firefox (Os: Windows & Ubuntu)

Tested IoT Platforms.

  • Node-red.
  • Ubidots.
  • Amazon AWS IoT ( work in progress).

Supported  and  extensive Tested Slaves :( its easy add new slaves a json file edit ) 

-Danfoss VLT FC102 VFD.



-CT C200/M200.

-ELNET Energy Meter.

-Pixys Remote IO  MCM260-4AD

-RHT CLimate Novus.