AVR ISP Pogo adapter

I was annoyed to always have to solder a 6pin connector to my boards to use my ISP programmer. So made an adapter with Pogo pins.

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This is a little adapter to make programming Atmel MCUs easier.

A little tool to simplify programming AVRs using the ISP. I wanted to be able to program my Atmel MCUs without always having to solder a 6pin male connector to my boards. To ensure proper contacting all 6 contacts I decided to go for pogo pins. This little adapter is stable and I don't have to waste a connector on each board and I do not need to provide space for the connector in a housing either.

  • 1 × 6pin male ISP connector
  • 2 × small pieces of perfboard
  • 6 × pogo pins
  • 2 × 3pin headers

  • Putting everything together

    MaBe4212/18/2019 at 22:14 0 comments

    I soldered the pogo pins to one of the perfboards.

    The typical ISP connector (6-pin male) I soldered to a second perfboard.

    On the opposite side of the second perfboard I soldered the two 3pin pin headers. They do not have any electrical function. They just provide mechanical stability.

    Then I soldered the ends of the pogo pins to the ends of the pins of the ISP connector (kind of a butt coupling).

    Finally I soldered the stabilizing pin headers also to the first board and cut away a small piece of the board near the ISP connector to mark pin 1.

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Christoph Tack wrote 05/05/2020 at 20:21 point

I put a 490107670612 SKEDD connector on a flat cable.  I don't have to hold it still while programming.  I don't have to check the orientation of the connector when programming.  It doesn't require a mating connector on the PCB.

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