• Door open sensor (magnetic reed switch)
  • Illumination level sensor (photoresistor)
  • Motion sensor (PIR sensor)
  • Temperature sensor (built-in DS3231)

Alarm events

  • Open door
  • Rapid illumination change
  • Motion detection
  • Too high or too low temperature
  • Low battery voltage

Power supply

Three AA batteries. Expected lifetime: 3 to 6 months.

Configuration and logging

The device can be connected to a PC via USB for configuration.
Configuration program lets you set target phone number, time of daily SMS report, choose events that will be reported, a way of notification (SMS, call, sound alarm) and set time periods during which those events are being monitored. I.e. if you know that the room is being used during some hours in certain days of the week, you can disable the alarm for that period. It also shows the last 70 events with date and time and a temperature plot for the last 31 days (one measurement every 2 hours).