- Pi Number

The Pi number is a mathematical constant and it is defined as the ration of a circle's circumference to its diameter (Pi = C/d).

Pi is a irrational number and cannot be expressed as a common fraction.

Using high-precision multiplication algorithms is possible to calculate billions of digits. These methods are used to test super-computers.

Fortunately for this clock, the first 192 digits are enough.

Pi (192 digits):


My algorithm split the hour, minute and seconds on its tens and units.

The position of tens and units are searched in the sequence of Pi digits to be converted into rows and columns of LED matrix.

- Time Reading

To read the time, you should observe the following conventional sequence: starting from the top down and from the left to right.

  • 1st display:  Hour
  • 2nd display: Minute
  • 3rd display: Second
  • 4th display: first 64 digits of Pi number incremented by second

Time is: 15:02:37 Time shown is: 15:02:37